Monday 23 April 2018

Edelman 2011 Trust Barometer – the rise in CEO credibility

One of the most striking findings in this year’s Edelman Trust Barometer is the rise in credibility of the CEO.

Your company’s CEO is again among your most credible spokespersons. Over the past two years, trust in CEOs has jumped by a whopping 30 percentage points. In fact, CEOs now have swapped places with a “person like me,” which has dropped precipitously. This demand for authority and accountability has set new expectations for corporate leadership.

With the CEO as the personification of a company’s reputation, it is imperative that he or she listen to stakeholders and transparently engage with them. By adopting a shared company vision and values, you can help your CEO cultivate a common understanding of brand-appropriate behavior and then execute on that platform.

While CEOs are now seen as credible spokespeople, expected to be transparent about the company’s situation, engaging credible experts from either within the company or from third parties such as academics, analysts, NGOs or government officials, strengthens credibility. It is important to allow for a balanced conversation with varying opinions and voices to enhance authenticity.

In Australia, transparent, honest business practices and trust, together with quality, top the list of attributes which are important to reputation. Open, transparent communications are more critical than ever before and the data supports this as fact, not theory.

-Nic Jarvis

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