Thursday 26 April 2018

7 Facebook Facts for 7 Facebook Years

In 2004, it was literally a face book for college students. Now 500 something million people across the globe log on every day to check up on what and where their friends and family are doing, saying and going.

On February 4, Facebook turned 7 years old. At an age when most kids are learning their times tables, and how to spell big words like hippopotamus, Facebook has already learnt enough complicated algorithms to earn itself $US63 billion.

So to celebrate Facebook’s 7 glorious years, here are 7 of the best Facebook Facts.

1. New Ad

A couple of weeks before its 7th birthday, Facebook launched Sponsored Stories, where you and your friends can feature in your very own ads, targeted specifically at your connections.

2. New Pad

Moving from Palo Alto to Menlo Park, Facebook is reportedly planning to lease the former Sun Microsystems headquarters. Their current headquarters are clearly struggling to contain its phenomenal growth (the Palo Alto property value in 2008 was $US16.7million, in 2009 it was $US30.2million, and in 2010, $US63million).

3. New Office

It might be near impossible to access Facebook in China, but that’s not stopping Zuckerburg from ploughing forward, straight into the Hong Kong market. Despite the mainland ban, users are still finding ways to access the site, with the number of users growing from 300,000 to 700,000 in the two months since Zuckerburg’s visit back in December.

4. 8 Academy Award (nominations)

The Social Network’s 8 Academy Award nominations ain’t too shabby, and to sweeten the deal, the movie has done wonders for Zuckerburg’s reclusive image. Despite the movie’s less than favourable portrayal, you can’t help but have a soft and fuzzy spot for him and his charitable ways.

5. Verb Rights

‘To Facebook’ means to stalk one’s ex online.

6. 35 on Forbes

Zuckerburg was crowned #35 on the 2010 Forbes list of Wealthiest Americans with $6.9billion (he beat Steve Jobs who came in at #42 with just $6.1billion).

7. Taking on the world

Conquering the social media realm is a thing of the past for Facebook. Its main rival now isn’t Twitter, it’s Google. Really, all it needs is a search engine. Then we could have Facebook page rank, Face-mail, and Face-maps.

No longer is it just a symbol of the dot com generation, but it’s fast becoming the Cadillac, the Coke, the Computer and the Godfather of the 21st century.

So, having accomplished so much so early on in life, how will Facebook celebrate its next birthday?

By becoming a public company?

Happy, happy birthday Facebook.

- Jennifer Ngai