Tuesday 20 February 2018

Changing the way we read news

This week, news of a new multimedia era arrived with the launch of the first newspaper designed and created exclusively for the iPad. It was unveiled on Thursday 3rd February by media mogul Rupert Murdoch who has traditionally been seen as a zealous defender of traditional press. The Daily will feature more than 100 pages of content created especially for the iPad publication covering everything from sports to politics to entertainment.

As technology advances so does the way in which we consume news. News consumption is a personal choice and as a young professional in a fast-paced environment I can definitely see the endless benefits in subscribing to something like The Daily as a news source.

Credit: http://news.ebrandz.com

I want something visually impressive, tailored to suit my needs and the things I want to read about. The Daily offers this and more with 360-degree photographs and a table of contents with images for different stories, interactive graphics and video.  It gives you the option of customising the content you receive which is appealing to me as I am tired of being flooded with information I am not interested in.

The Daily is not yet available in Australia and will be rolled out later this year (which is perfect as it gives me time to save for an iPad!)

-Emma Mikus