Sunday 22 April 2018

A Bookmark to Remember

One of the most valuable social networking tools I use is Delicious*. And I feel it’s time bookmarking had its moment in the limelight of the social media glare that has blinded us with Twitter, facebook and YouTube. Yes these latter networks are deserving of praise but let’s turn our attention to the unsung heroes for a minute.

If you are a moderate to heavy user of bookmarking tools then you’ll probably agree they are one of the most useful ways to organise, file and categorise articles, videos, pictures, websites … pretty much anything with a URL. Otherwise you wouldn’t be using it so much.

You can have a public or private profile, but opening up your bookmarks means you can share your collection with others. If you’ve ever wanted to search for articles about a topic, theme or specific keyword then Delicious is the ideal repository of information when tagged and categorised correctly.

Other bookmarking sites you may have seen icons for hanging around articles and blog posts include Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. Yes, I have accounts for all these sites but really only use Delicious on a daily basis and StumbleUpon when I have time to peruse the web.

There are also bookmarking sites for niches, such as technorati which has become a hub for blog posts. For an overwhelming list of bookmarking sites have a look

You can check out my Delicious collection at – please feel welcome to connect with me here.

 If you would like to suggest your own feed as a source of richness, or someone you know (hat tips welcome), please do let us know. Or if you would like to share your bookmarking joy please do so!

I would have to say Google Reader has brought me joy as well but I think I’ll look at readers in my next post…

Thanks for stopping by!

PS – if you have questions about bookmarking or would like to discuss it further with me please do get in touch here or Twitter @KimberleyL

*You may have seen news recently that Yahoo is closing Delicious. Updated news is that it’s being sold so hopefully we shouldn’t lose all those valuable marked articles. In the meantime, just in case and as good backup, you can export/download your links – have a look at these instructions.