Tuesday 24 April 2018

Get Ready for a PeRfect Storm in 2011

Okay folks, this is it – 2011 is shaping up as potentially one of the most exciting and industry-changing years in the history of the public relations profession. 

Think of it as a ‘Perfect Storm’ for our industry.

The advertising industry is in turmoil or, if you work on Madison Ave, it’s mayhem! Apparently. Reportedly

Social media continues to take hold in Australia. This is a great opportunity for PR people. It’s basically doubled the channels available to us so we can communicate directly with the people who matter most to our business, or that of our clients.

Speaking of which, businesses/organisations/brands (clients) are getting pretty savvy too. This has been a watershed year for them. After a bit of experimentation this year and last, companies better understand that opening a Twitter account or whacking up a Facebook page is not the ‘silver bullet’ they probably thought initially.

People want stories and conversations. They want interaction, interesting links and relevant information…they want a behind-the-scenes look at your company, not to mention a quick response to a query or complaint. Importantly, they also want – no, demand – openness and transparency. They want authenticity. They want you to be real. Are you ready to wheel out the humans? 

This of course falls neatly into the lap of PR. Nice. It’s what we do. We tell stories. We respond in two-way interaction. In fact it’s what we’ve been doing for decades. It’s just that technology has caught up. It gives us scale. And scaleability. As I said. Nice. #Bringiton.



Image source: weather.about.com

So embrace 2011. Open up your eyes and welcome the new year!

Have a great break, but take some time out to digest the massive changes that are occurring in our space. A space that as a profession we share with so many others. A space that has as many challenges as it does opportunities. But that in itself also spells O.P.P.O.R.T.U.N.I.T.Y. doesn’t it? Where there are challenges, there is confusion. Where there is angst, that’s where PR needs to step in and calm the waters. Smooth the sails. Be the watchful eye, the pragmatic adviser, the guiding hand on the shoulder.

Does this mean we don’t deal with traditional media anymore? Not at all!

Does this mean we don’t create events, organise sponsorships, instigate partnerships or get up close and personal with people like we’ve always done? Once again, absolutely not. In fact, face-to-face activity has become more important than ever for our clients and our brands. It’s the ‘secret sauce’. But please, don’t tell anyone.

ou are now in the box seat. You’re a PR professional whose time has come.

The question is: are you ready to drive the ‘communications bus’?

Trevor Young