Thursday 22 February 2018

A very digital Christmas

Annoyingly, given how much schtick I give the internetz on a pretty regular basis (really, if it wasn’t for lolcatz – don’t even start me on how over-commercialised that has become – would any of us be on here?), it’s shaping up to be a very online holiday season at Chateau Smith. If for no other reason than the sheer magnitude of connectivity that we all take for granted can become an incredibly burdensome black hole of time management when you do something as foolish as move countries, as I did not two months ago. So if this lousy Melbourne weather keeps up for the next fortnight you can join me on my quest to:

-          Update that LinkedIn profile like you keep meaning to. This is first on my list since I’m now paying for a premium account, which is lovely for all the new statistics I can see, but I’m really not taking advantage of it. Two disclosures here: firstly, LinkedIn is an Edelman client, and secondly, no, I’m not looking for another job, having only just started this one. But thanks for asking.

You’d think more Stormtroopers would have discovered the benefits of professional networking by now.

-          Checking out the new Gowalla. I was pretty down on the old Gowalla – having the aesthetic sense of a gnat I tend to like clean, sharp designs, and the squiggly kangaroo just never really did it for me. But this whole platform integration thing seems like a good reason to go back. Even if I don’t want to drop my pizza for it.

Nothing trumps your competitor’s geolocation app like owning its a**. Well, maybe owning the internet would be better. Mark, your thoughts?

-          Finding somewhere to live. Yes, this should be higher on my list since I’ve been couch surfing for two months, but frankly I’m so sick of house hunting that I need some downtime before jumping back onto and having another crack. May the Force be with me.

Not just the droids, but that apartment on Drewery Lane was SWEET.

-          Cull my Twitter followers. Yes, all those porn bots are great for boosting your follower count, but really, the ego boost isn’t worth the shame. No, it really isn’t. Happily, the wonderfully talented Tim Whitlock (or @timwhitlock) has built the TwitBlock app for jobs just like this, so ditching the stragglers becomes a pretty straightforward effort.

And at some point I should make a start on a post on why there’s no such thing as a social media crisis.

But before all of that, there’s a certain game of cricket that needs seeing to.

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Happy holidays.

Grant Smith