Thursday 22 February 2018

Get ‘elfed’ this Christmas

With Christmas fast-approaching and everyone seemingly getting busier and busier, the task of sending out traditional Christmas cards to loved ones can be too time-consuming.

Enter highly successful  viral marketing campaign ‘Elf Yourself’, a web application that allows you to upload faces of yourself, your friends and your family members onto an elf’s body, which then proceeds to greet the recipient with a crazy dance and merry tune. Through this site, you are able to easily create a free holiday e-greeting for friends and family featuring your photo on hilarious dancing elves.

Fun, simple and entertaining. For me, traditional card receiving means clichéd, impersonal messages and a pile of old Christmas cards that need to find a home once the festive season is over.

This is not to say that every Christmas I would love to receive 500 dancing elves infiltrating my inbox but I love the idea as a personal and funny way to wish your nearest and dearest a happy Christmas.

Since starting in 2006, more than 378 million people have used Elf Yourself in over 50 countries – a clear sign it is being embraced as a fun pop phenomenon that is getting bigger every year.

The ‘Elf yourself’ application has also been extremely successful in embracing social media, its simple integration into Twitter allowing people to easily spread the link to their ‘’Elf Yourself’ video through a single tweet that can be passed along to all their friends.

It’s the quintessential Christmas e-card, so peeps it’s time to get ‘elfed’ and have yourself a very merry Christmas.

-Emma Mikus