Saturday 24 February 2018

(UPDATE) Can we crowd source a new office for Edelman Melbourne? (we hope so!)

(further tales of a frustrated Office Manager)

click here for original post from 24/11/10

I’m encouraged by some hot tips I’ve received from my original post. I’ve also learnt that the tag #crowdsource is a fairly helpful way to get word out for a project like this. Much of the response has been from folks suggesting agents or with recs on places outside the city.  After looking at a few places yesterday, I have a bit more hope that the right space is out there for us, and a gem is going to turn up. If you have any leads on any unusual spaces in the Melbourne CBD, please send me a message. I’ve included my original tick list below. 

Since Trev, Parky and Kimberley officially checked-in at Edelman’s South Melbourne office, the place has become a bit snug.  


What we’re after:

·         275-375m² space in the Melbourne CBD (would love to be on the westside, but open)

·         has great natural light

·         a space that reflects the character of the city we call home (with a view, down a laneway, etc)

·         a heritage building or at least a place that has a good story

·         move in March/April 2011

please email directly at or send me a message via twitter @globaldavidg

–David Gonzalez

  • Antony DiMase

    You will need a brilliant architect for a fit-out – I will keep an eye out for you:-)