Thursday 26 April 2018

Can we crowd source a new office for Edelman Melbourne? (we hope so!)

We’re growing! (and the tale of a frustrated Office Manager)

Today, Edelman Australia has welcomed Trev, Parky and Kimberley (you can read all about it here) to the Melbourne team. Under the veil of secrecy that these sorts of talks happen - I’ve been preparing for the past few months on what it will mean to physically bring more consultants into our team. Sounds simple? Not exactly! While our current work horse of an office in South Melbourne has gotten us to an exciting point in the business, we are bursting at the seamswe need something bigger and with a bit more character.

So far, I’ve looked at over thirty offices, put two calls out to the real estate market, trolled every commercial real estate web site and have had two promising deals fall through. While these exercises have worn some serious tread on my Volleys, I’m turning to crowd sourcing to help find us a nice place to hang our hats.

What we’re after:

·         275-375m² space in the Melbourne CBD (would love to be on the westside, but open)

·         has great natural light

·         a space that reflects the character of the city we call home (with a view, down a laneway, etc)

·         a heritage building or at least a place that has a good story

·         move in March/April 2011

If you have know of place or know someone that might please email directly at or send me a message on twitter @globaldavidg

–David Gonzalez