Tuesday 24 April 2018

Let’s get creative!

A short time ago my colleague and I attended a Networx ‘Let’s Get Creative’ event with three fantastic speakers from the PR and marketing industry. It was all about stimulating creativity, getting people thinking outside the box when you’re holed up in a box-like building for 8 hours of the day. Considering that Edelman Sydney is working on transforming our office into a brainstorming paradise, it was a great opportunity to gather some ideas from people who know how to do it best.

While I’ve always been an advocate for this kind of brainstorming room…

Credit: parkersimsinteriors.com

(I’ve always wanted to be able to write on walls)

Or perhaps something like this…

Credit: overtheair.org

Here are a few easy tips we picked up at the event that doesn’t involve refitting your entire office:

·         Bring in client to witness brainstorm in action allowing them to buy in on ideas

·         Use a facilitator and assign roles prior to brainstorm so that the key people know whose looking after what

·         Give people the brief beforehand and ask them to brainstorm by themselves overnight and come back with ideas in the morning – ‘take away/home brainstorm’

·         Hold several brainstorms with small and big groups and at different times of the day

·         Take people from different disciplines and practice areas but make sure the key decision makers are always in the room

·         Share brief beforehand allowing people to review the brief/problem from different angles making the process more tactical

·         Brainstorm ideas at beginning then let the key group go away and develop ideas

·         It’s not someone’s job to be creative but its someone’s job to help stimulate creativity

·         Always dress the brainstorm room creating a fun and relaxing mood using magazines and stimulus, music, videos etc

Tracey Yong