Sunday 22 April 2018

The World’s Coolest Intern

Possibly inspired by Tourism Queensland’s “The Best Job in the World” campaign, Standard Chartered Bank is looking for “The World’s Coolest Intern”.  The winner will join the Breeze mobile banking team at Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore.

The role involves working with the Breeze team for six months to help run their social media platforms – basically to use Facebook, tweet and blog all day, quite possibly a social media addict’s dream job! The intern will also play a key role in the development of the Breeze social media strategy. 

The recruitment process will be conducted entirely in cyberspace; to the first step is to follow @StanChartBreeze on Twitter.

The prize on offer is highly attractive to any student or recent graduates looking to carve their mark in the social media space.

The prize includes:

  • A six-month internship with a salary of SGD30,000 (approx AUD $29,966)
  • Social media and online engagement training from the agencies behind the campaign, including Edelman on PR

The campaign has attracted some innovative responses from around the world including one of the applicants cleverly staking a claim on the World’s Coolest Intern profile on Facebook.


The campaign has drawn attention to the bank’s new mobile banking platform, Breeze. Breeze lets you see your bank accounts and transaction activities at a glance, pay your bills, transfer funds and manage your savings with just a few clicks. While such a banking product may not be new, the bank chose an innovative and interesting way to reach out to its tech-savvy target audience.


According to the bank, the campaign "reinforces how the bank has adapted marketing and recruitment strategies to attract Generation Y".

I definitely agree and, as a Gen Y-er with a passion for social media, I find myself very interested in what Standard Chartered gets up to next!

To me, the campaign is a great use of social media which not only raises awareness for Breeze, but also serves to enhance Standard Chartered’s credentials as an attractive employer to the graduate talent pool. Additionally, the campaign also creates great content and is a way for the bank to engage with the younger audience and differentiate itself on matters related to banking. 

What are your thoughts on this campaign?

-Eunice Seow


  • Farah Sidek

    Great post that encapsulates the strengths of the World’s Coolest Intern Campaign. I think it definitely leverages upon the beauty of social media – which is social networking. Instead of simply telling their story to the world, the Breeze team gets applicants to spread the word about their product! Truly a brilliant example of word of mouth marketing.