Saturday 24 February 2018

Spicing things up!

Spicing things up!


Virgin Mobile launches Droga5 in Australia with Vanilla Ice

Whether it’s launching a new brand, product or simply spicing things up, many companies often consider engaging a spokesperson to help give their campaign an edge and wider exposure! Lately we’ve seen an emergence in brands not only using local talent but a renewed interest in working with international stars with companies banking on their global appeal.

Last week Australia played host to the social media juggernaut of Isaiah Mustafa known to the world as the man who made old spice new again. Hoping to capitalise on his cult status, Microsoft Australia flew Mustafa out to Sydney to launch their new Windows mobile phone. As part of the launch, Microsoft created a Youtube video featuring Mustafa as a teaser for the Windows Phone 7 as part of the Australian marketing campaign. 

Other brands who have successfully worked with high profile stars include Gatorade who recently launched a new variant of sports drink with Usain Bolt. As part of the Gatorade Bolt launch, Bolt was determined to find Australia’s fastest footballer with the 100m sprint competition generating great exposure for not only the brand but for all football codes creating rivalry between them a on a new  and exciting platform.

Virgin Mobile recently worked with Vanilla Ice to launch Droga5 with an online campaign which was driven by a video of the musician apologising for his track Ice Ice Baby (video above).

The video was designed to lead consumers to the ‘Right Music Wrongs’ website where they were encouraged to debate the worst pieces of music of all time. As a result, the campaign was deemed a success with over 40,000 visits to the site during the first week. 

Whether it’s a successful international star or up-and-coming local talent, Australians can be assured that this will not be the last time they’ll see brands working with high profile names. The added value that these partnerships bring to campaigns allow them increased exposure leveraging off the talent’s established profile. As a result, we’re bound to see even more partnerships with high profile stars becoming even more aligned with brands.