Saturday 24 February 2018

Building brand advocacy with shoes to die for




I love hearing about my friends ‘light bulb’ business ideas and whenever I see a brilliant new start-up, I find myself thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’. One business that has caught my eye over the past few weeks is “Shoes of Prey”, an Aussie based online business that lets you design your own shoes from scratch – no ladies, you are not dreaming!


After spending several hours salivating over the shoes and designing myself a pair to match each outfit in my wardrobe, I started to follow Shoes of Prey on Twitter with a proclamation of my love for the product. Under normal circumstances, I would have forgotten about my fab find within a few days but “Shoes of Prey” tweeted me straight back to thank me for my support.


In a world that is saturated by big brands, it is this start-up that has quickly made an active advocate of me. Although not as active in the social media world as many of my friends, I now find myself following the “Shoes of Prey” blog and regularly checking my twitter feed for updates.


Right product, right audience, right time…maybe, but this is most definitely an example of social media building advocacy in action.


Unfortunately, I still don’t have a pair of the much adored shoes, but I’m on the case with hubby to make sure that there is a nice shiny shoe box under the tree at Christmas!


Posted by Jenny Sumner