Saturday 24 February 2018


A blog by any other name would smell as sweet…

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I really want to start my own blog.  I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and obviously have some fascinating insights to share with the blogosphere (don’t we all!).  Blogging is easy – it just takes a little commitment – and it’s a great way to showcase your thought leadership.  So why haven’t I done it yet?

The truth is I have no idea what to name my blog!

A good blog name is so important – it can have a huge impact on your blog’s long term success so it requires some creative thought.  You want a name that relates to your niche, is memorable and, at the same time, attracts traffic to your blog.

Should I just use my own name for my blog title?  Sadly in my case I can’t as it’s already taken, but there are some good reasons to go down this route.  You become less anonymous and communicate with people on a more personal level – as your blog increases so too will your personal brand.  On the other hand readers will have more trouble figuring out what your blog is about and it will be harder to get site traffic since not many people will search for your name.

So now what?  Research!  What is your blog going to be about?  What are similar blogs called?  What domain names are available? (You can find this out quite easily by visiting Bust a Name!)

In my research I tried to look at clever names for inspiration.  Here are some of my favourites:

Breed ‘em and Weep
A hilarious blog about parenting.

Does this blog make us look fat?
Trying to lose weight? So are these bloggers!

Velveteen Rabbi
Need some advice on all things Jewish? This blog’s for you!

Wokking Mom
Food blog by a Singaporean Mom.

Escape from Cubical Nation
Step-by-step guide to escaping your job and pursuing your passion.

Two “chicks” blogging about life. What the flock?

Things Bogans Like
Bogans like things. These are them.

S**t My Kids Ruined
Pictures of things ruined by children.

What it’s like raising boys.

Go Fug Yourself
Celebrity fashion: the good, the bad and the fugly.

The important thing to remember is that no matter what your blog is called it’s the content that really matters.  Hopefully once your readers have found you they will keep coming back for more.  As is the case with one of my favourite blogs – Margaret and Helen.  Best friends for 60 years and counting with some razor sharp ideas on American politics.  Their name isn’t that unique but they certainly are!

As for me, I’ve finally got a few ideas for my blog name.  Stay tuned…

-Michelle Scully