Thursday 26 April 2018

How about a slippery dip at my local train station?

Guerilla marketing in Australia is still a bit of a rarity but in other parts of the world, stunts that get consumers involved are popping up in sidewalks, train stations and major roads everywhere. It’s a great way to show that people can be players and creators in the brand, not just sitting on the outside looking in.

A little while ago Volkswagen asked Berliners ‘are you ready to get in the fast lane?’ – setting up a makeshift, bright red slippery dip in the middle of Alexander Platz station. If you had the choice between an escalator, stairs or a slipper dip, what would you choose?

The big question is why aren’t Australian brands doing more in this space? IKEA set up some 3D chalk art in Darling Harbour in September but why aren’t local Aussie brands exploring guerrilla marketing? Generally it’s a cheap way to get your brand name out there. The concept doesn’t have to be elaborate – often the funniest and most entertaining stunts are just a play on the traditional. Take this Loctite super glue stunt for example:

What a great way to advertise how fantastic your super glue product is by playing on the old coin-stuck-to-the-floor gag?

Tracey Yong