Thursday 26 April 2018

Joe Blows Social Media

Once again we come to the topic of the power of social media. 

As Shiva mentioned in his post (29 September), the rise of social media is resulting in a call for brands to be active and get involved. However the question must also be asked “What does it mean for everyday Joe Blow”?


It seems everywhere we turn, social media is a part of our everyday conversations. The phase “I read on Facebook…” is becoming increasing prevalent in today’s society and YouTube has seen everyday people rise to fame – think Justin Bieber and Chris Croker (“Leave Britney Alone”).


In my university days, a fellow student studying PR posted on her Twitter account that she was looking for a job. Two hours and two tweets later, she had an interview with a digital team in a PR agency.


More recently, Shane Warne used Twitter to take a swipe at our underperforming cricketers following India’s clean sweep at the Test series. Already, this post has hit mainstream media and has resulted in a statement from Warne and backlash from Ricky Ponting.




The avenues that social media has opened up are incomprehensible. When social media didn’t exist, we weren’t aware what every single friend was doing on the weekend, stardom came through tireless auditions, job interviews were sourced through HR websites and people weren’t necessarily getting in trouble for their own opinion.


Having said that, the world is all the more interesting for it.


Holly Stewart