Saturday 24 February 2018

I like it on the floor too, but not for an entire month


Further to Matt’s post below about the “I like it” Facebook campaign for breast cancer awareness, I saw this article in The Punch.


Last month in my office we attempted to raise money for prostate cancer research by holding a weekly barbeque each Friday at lunch time. We gave up after the first week due to lack of interest… Just last week in the same office we participated in National RUOK?  Day in aid of combating the insidious rise of suicide, which according to a federal government fact sheet on the issue claims more than 2000 lives in Australia each year…


They’re all great ideas, but my point is they’re all just for one day. Why does suicide get one day with an awkward acronym while breast cancer gets a month, a viral internet meme and pink lights or ribbons strung up all over the place? And when is it going to be national liver cancer awareness month?


Controversial, but just shows the powerhouse that is the Breast Cancer Foundation!


Personally I think the “I like it” campaign is very effective – gets people engaged as it is easy to update your Facebook status, particularly with smartphones everywhere now – and is a little cheeky.  Gets men (and women who are confused about why all their friends are being outwardly promiscuous all over Facebook) interested and Googling, which then brings up all the news coverage and links through to the campaign site.  Clever.


Much better than last year’s campaign – much more cheeky which makes it spread so much quicker!


 Jennifer McCloy