Wednesday 21 March 2018

Australia’s Biggest Health Check = a reality check?


The results are in – Australian women are stressed, unfit, don’t get enough sleep and want more sex!

While this may seem like common knowledge, a new survey involving 26,000 Australians (94% women, 6% men), has today confirmed it. The “Australia’s Biggest Health Check” study, conducted online by Women’s Health Magazine and Prevention Magazine, asked participants about their key health concerns and uncovered some surprising, and not so surprising, results:

·         47% of women want to lose weight

·         47% of women want to exercise more

·         41% of women want to get more sleep

·         Anxiety and stress was the #1 medical concern for 25-39 year olds, before breast and skin cancer

·         NSW women aged 25-39 has the highest stress levels, listing financial concerns and lack of sleep as major contributors

·         Women reported an average of 3.74 hours of leisure time each week – or only 30 minutes each day

·         Women have sex an average of 1.22 times a week,  but would like to increase this to 2.42 times a week

·         54% of women were either moderately or very satisfied with their current sex life, while 19% were not very happy or not satisfied at all

In our incredibly fast paced world, it is no wonder that women are so busy, stressed and lack sleep – but it begs the question, how will they find the time to fit in the extra amount of sex they want?!

In fact, perhaps this research provides us with an ideal opportunity to talk to our employers about the importance of reducing the stress of our busy lives…massage anyone?

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Tania Jayesuria