Tuesday 20 February 2018

Where do you like it on?

Noticed your Facebook feed filled with confusing updates from your female friends the last couple of days indiscriminately declaring where ‘they like it on’? Don’t be fooled it isn’t anything saucy, but rather a clever internet meme created to raise awareness of breast cancer. The place they lik

e it on is in fact where they like to leave their handbag/purse when at work. Clever don’t you think?

This follows a similar meme created for the same cause earlier in the year that had ladies updating their status simply with a colour – that colour being the same as the bra they were currently wearing.

I like this a lot. It is designed to get people asking the status updated what they are talking about and thus starting a conversation about breast cancer awareness. It has also been widely successful judging by my Facebook newsfeed.

What do you reckon? A good idea or simply too random?

Post by Matthew Gain

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