Tuesday 20 February 2018

Brands..this is social media mission control calling!

Credit: stock.xchng by cienpies

With the rise in social media usage, companies these days have to be pro-active in their approach with regard to monitoring the pulse of their brand and engaging with customers. One of the brands that has taken the bull by the horns is Gatorade.

Gatorade has set up a social media nerve centre which was launched in April and its sole purpose is to engage with consumers and inform the brand’s strategy.  They are using it to monitor real-time conversations and also gather real time insights that they can use to shape their marketing strategy. Gatorade’s mission is to use this to re-position their brand from a ‘sports drink’ to ‘sports performance’ by engaging in meaningful conversations and giving advice to consumers.

The online command centre is fitted with flat-screen monitors that have direct feeds from Radian 6, its Twitter, Facebook channel and also an online news/broadcast channel. The internal Gatorade team works with external agencies to manage this.

Results from Gatorade claim it is working:

·         More than 2,000 one-on-one conversations with consumers

·         Discussions about sports performance have jumped to nearly 60% from 35% in April

·         In 4-5 months they generated 500,000 likes on Facebook, reaching the 1 million milestone a full 5 months ahead of schedule

Gatorade is the first brand within Pepsico to launch this and other brands within the company will start leveraging it.

Check out the interview on Ad Age with Carla Hassan, Senior  Director, Consumer Engagement with Gatorade http://bit.ly/9KC2BK

Do you think this will be the future of how brands will engage with consumers?

Shiva Kumar