Wednesday 25 April 2018

Suspended animation – coming to a hospital near you…depending on the success of testing…

Gizmodo (courtesy of the UK’s telegraph) has a great story on human trials of suspended animation and how this can help surgical treatments.




Legitimate, human trials in Massachusetts General Hospital will see “human beings (who have suffered trauma) cooled to the point of near-death using cooled saline solution, so that they can potentially survive longer and get the treatment they need in the OR” – dipping to 10 degrees C (humans die if below 22 degrees C!)  The guy running the show reckons that the freezing technique will result in 90% of “certain death” trauma cases being saved, with no side effects whatsoever (except maybe population growth problems…)

What I want to know is what does this mean for space exploration – surely this technology will help with getting humans further into space…